Book Arts 2007: Bright Hill Center

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Cultural Writing. Art. Catalog and Commentary from the 6th Bright Hill Center North American Juried Book Arts Exhibit at Bright Hill Center's Word & Image Gallery, Treadwell, NY. Edited by Bertha Rogers, with commentary by jurors Karen Hanmer and Bertha Rogers. Forty-three artists' books from twentry-eight artists, including Ben Blount, Sarah Bryant, Ginger Burrell, Sally Canzoneri, Kerri Cushman, Elaine Downing, Elsi Vassdal Ellis, Barbara Adams Hebard, Paula Jull, Jenny Kim, Elaine Langerman, Sara Langworthy, Emily Martin, Kitty Maryatt & the Scripps College Book Arts Students, Nora Lee McGillivray, Stephanie Nace, Claire Owen, Susan Porteous, Lisa Beth Robinson, Regula Russelle & CB Sherlock, Jennifer Vignone, Jill Timn, Pat Vining, Ashlee Weitlauf, Asa Yoshie, jurors Karen Hanmer and Bertha Rogers, and special guest Ed Hutchins.

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