Carnival in Venice: Dumpy Book

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"The Carnival in Venice" is a unique cultural statement, a kaleidoscope of European sophistication, finery and fun. Each year, ten days before Lent, merrymakers of all ages brave the icy midwinter weather to converge on Venice, masked and mantled in innovative and imaginative fancy dress. Some exquisite examples are handed down from generation to generation. Hoberman features highly-talented contemporary venetian mask makers and costume designers. Donning masks that display extraordinary imagination and artistry, the wearers leave their cares and personas behind to assume the characters they portray. This extraordinary portfolio showcases the Carnival in Venice, providing fresh insight into its rich, vibrant and delightful attributes. With an incisive eye for detail and the subtleties of colour, texture and humanity, Hoberman captures the very essence, spirit and humour of the Carnival, in all its splendour and delightful ostentation.
cover of Carnival in Venice: Dumpy Bookauthor: Gerald Hoberman
ASIN or ISBN-10: 1919939229
binding: Hardcover
list price: $29.95 USD
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