Art and Not Art

video: Art and Not Art
video of David Galef's poem, Art and Not Art

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David Galef

Art and Not Art


      Art neither allows
           Nor prohibits.
      Art is not the opposite of life
          Except at certain exhibits.

      Art (some art)
           Plays too many games.
      Art is not the enemy of freedom,
          Despite its frames.

      Art is beyond
          Or below or above.
      Art is not blind—
           You’ve confused it with love.

      Art at times
           Appears to be blushing.
      Art is not art
           When it alters nothing.

      Art is a wound,
         A crooked cut, a contusion.
      Art is not the artist,
           A pardonable confusion.

      Art has led
           Many artists to drink.
      Art isn’t quite what you think it is,
           No matter what you think.