Province of Fire

This is Geraldine Connolly's second book of poetry. Her first book (Food for the Winter) published by Perdue University Press was very well received and is in its second printing. Connolly is an outstanding poet with a large following. We are receiving a lot of prepublication orders for this book and we think that it will do well.

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Food for the Winter

"There is continuity in art just as there is in family life. Geraldine Connolly has written a marvelous celebration of both." -- West Branch

cover of Food for the Winterauthor: Geraldine Connolly
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Biography - Connolly, Geraldine (1947-): An article from: Contemporary Authors

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Geraldine Connolly

Geraldine Connolly is the author of the chapbook, The Red Room, as well as two full-length collections of poetry, Food for the Winter (Purdue) and Province of Fire (Iris). A new book, Hand of the Wind, is forthcoming from Iris Press in 2009. Her poems, reviews and essays have appeared in Chelsea, The Gettysburg Review, Poetry, Shenandoah, The Georgia Review and The Washington Post. She has taught at The Writers Center in Bethesda, Johns Hopkins and the University of Arizona Poetry Center.

Breeding Grounds

Breeding Grounds



Ellen Goldstein

Ellen Goldstein was born and raised in Virginia. Her poems have appeared in The Formalist, Measure, StorySouth, Mid-American Review, and Three Candles. She lives in eastern Massachusetts.

Cally Conan-Davies

Cally Conan-Davies learnt a lot as a labourer, dancer, dairy farmer, model, beachcomber. She did not learn what she expected to from her time in academia, where she specialised in Modernism and Depth Psychology. She learnt most of all from mothering her daughter. Now she writes, practises bibliotherapy, and gives private tuition to  under/post-graduate students. She’s still dancing, and loves the sea,  spending as much time as she can in water – where she learns a lot.

The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road

A hot-wired spirit sparking in the rain,
you jolted me to life, unfroze my heart,
and all my tangled currents you'd explain
as if you read my bathymetric chart.
We ran with leaf-shaped boards into the sea,
birds wheeling, wave noise tossing up white spray;
I dived, holding your breath, and learnt to breathe
on southern coasts where fire and water play.

Cornelia Snider Yarrington

Cornelia Snider Yarrington, PhD, is retired from the University of Colorado, where she taught writing in the Environmental Studies Department.  In her twenties she studied in Germany and France and lived for two years on the Island of Mindanao in the Philippines.

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