Finding Your Writer's Voice: A Guide to Creative Fiction

Chosen by Writer's Digest as one of the best writing books published in 1994, this illuminating guide mixes creative inspiration with practical advice about the craft to help writers discover their most powerful writing tool: the voices that are uniquely their own.

cover of Finding Your Writer's Voice: A Guide to Creative Fictionauthor: Thaisa Frank
Dorothy Wall
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Desire One

cover of Desire Oneauthor: Thaisa Frank
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Sleeping in Velvet

A Brief History of Camouflage, Thaisa Frank's critically acclaimed first fullscale collection of stories, established her reputation as one of those writers with a special gift for exploring the dreamlike abyss of distances, discontinuities and attractions across which contemporary relationships are negotiated. "This collection of stories", suggested Small Press Magazine, "brilliantly examines the detachment within intimacy which seems to plague men and women today".

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A Brief History of Camouflage

Fiction. Short Stories. Thaisa Frank writes of lives that brush up against one another, but cannot fuse because of their characters' reluctance to be known, reluctance to be loved. A BRIEF HISTORY OF CAMOUFLAGE traces loss of love, elided empathy, and persistent memory in the cycles of knowing and not knowing one another. "My mother fell asleep right away and an ineffable membrane opened between us. I felt her heart and breath, fueled by mysterious powers, love beyond her knowledge of it." (from "Night Visit"). Frank is also the author of SLEEPING IN VELVET and DESIRE, both available from SPD.

cover of A Brief History of Camouflageauthor: Thaisa Frank
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Thaisa Frank

Thaisa Frank's work is the author of three collections of fiction, including Sleeping in Velvet and A Brief History of Camouflage (both by Black Sparrow Press, 1998 and 1992) and Desire (Kelsey Street Press, 1984). She is the co-author of the non-fiction book, Finding Your Writer's Voice  (St.





Mick Ransford

Mick Ransford is an Irish short story writer living in Ireland. He worked at all sorts of things, traveled fairly extensively, returning to Ireland to concentrate on writing. He has just finished what he hopes will be his debut collection of short stories.

An Unholy Mess

An Unholy Mess


Mike stood half-crouched, balancing a cup of hot coffee in one hand while lowering himself into the redwood porch chair.  Right then he heard her.  Rather, he heard the slider open and then the sound of her broom sweeping against the rough boards of the deck floor.  He sighed.  He had come out here specifically to get away from her.

Delaney Lundberg

Delaney Lundberg writes short stories and is currently working on a novel.  A former teacher of English composition, she lives on the Connecticut shore with her husband.

Romantic Malaise - An Inquiry on the Nature of Sex and Love

romantic malaise —

an inquiry on the nature of sex and love



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