riddle 24

Riddle 24

english translation

Riddle 24

original Anglo-Saxon poem

Riddle 24 — Anglo-Saxon Original

Ic eom wunderlicu wiht—     wrΦsne mine stefne,
hwilum beorce swa hund,     hwilum blΦte swa gat,
hwilum grΦde swa gos,     hwilum gielle swa hafoc,
hwilum ic onhyrge     ζone haswan earn,
guξfugles hleoζor,     hwilum glidan reorde
muζe gemΦne,      hwilum mΦwes song,
ζΦr ic glado sitte.      G mec nemnaξ,
swylce E      ond R O fullesteξ,
H ond I.      Nu ic haten eom
swa ζa sieξ stafas     sweotule becnaζ.

Bertha Rogers

More than 250 of Bertha Rogers's poems appear in journals and anthologies, including Barrow Street, The MacGuffin, Nimrod International Journal, The Louisville Review, Cimarron Review, Green Mountains Review, ONTHEBUS, The Same, Rattapallax, Pivot, BigCityLit, and others. Her collections include Even the Hemlock: Poe(chapbook, Snark Press, IL, 2004); A House of Corners (Three Conditions Press, Maryland Poetry Review Chapbook Contest Winner, 2000); and  Sleeper, You Wake (Mellen, NY 1991).

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