M.A. Schaffner

M.A. Schaffner has poetry recently published or forthcoming in The Hollins Critic, Magma, Decanto, The Monarch Review, and Prime Number. Other work includes the collection The Good Opinion of Squirrels, and the novel War Boys. Schaffner used to work as a civil servant, but now serves civil pugs.



Able Muse Anthology (best of the poetry, fiction, short stories, creative nonfiction, essays, interviews, book reviews, poetry

The Able Muse Anthology — from the new Able Muse Press — celebrates Able Muse's journey through its first decade and beyond, by showcasing the best of the published poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, book reviews, art and photography, including a foreword by Timothy Steele. This anthology has received high praise and acclaim from Dana Gioia, David Mason, Charles Martin, Catharine Savage-Brosman, X.J. Kennedy, Catharine Savage Brosman and others. PRAISE FOR THE ABLE MUSE ANTHOLOGY:

cover of Able Muse Anthology (best of the poetry, fiction, short stories, creative nonfiction, essays, interviews, book reviews, poetryASIN or ISBN-10: 0986533807
binding: Paperback
list price: $16.95 USD
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The Best Disguise

The Best Disguise by Susan McLean, recipient of the 2009 Richard Wilbur Award, is a remarkable collection of varied lyric poems that examine contemporary life with wit, insight, and a profound intensity. As Philip Dacey comments, "In any mode -- plangent or bawdy, searing or witty -- the poems in this book consistently project both a consummate artistry and an affecting humanity." Despite the author s obvious erudition and formal skills, the poems in The Best Disguise are as accessible as they are affecting and memorable.

cover of The Best Disguiseauthor: McLean
ASIN or ISBN-10: 0930982681
binding: Hardcover
list price: $15.00 USD
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Permanent Address

Lorna Knowles Blake is a poet who writes with elegance, wit, and formal invention. Her subjects are love, marriage, family, and the kinds of commitment needed to sustain them. Reading her work, one sees again and again the contingencies of domestic life transformed by those rituals that give them place and permanence. Permanent Address is a wise and joyful collection by a poet of impressive accomplishment. - Charles Martin.

cover of Permanent Addressauthor: Lorna Knowles Blake
ASIN or ISBN-10: 0912592613
binding: Paperback
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Sixty Sonnets

A.E. Stallings writes that “like the minutes of the hour, these Sixty Sonnets both combine to make a whole and shine as individual moments. While groups of these sonnets occasionally suggest a narrative—refreshingly, like the fugitives and weary academics that people these pages—they work alone. The newspaper crime blotter itself, from which, perhaps, some of these incidents are torn, speaks up as a single sonnet.

cover of Sixty Sonnetsauthor: Ernest Hilbert
ASIN or ISBN-10: 1597093610
binding: Paperback
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Azores: Poems

Like a voyage to the Portuguese islands of the title, the poems in Azores arrive at their striking and hard-won destinations over the often-treacherous waters of experience—a man mourns the fact that he cannot not mourn, a father warns his daughter about harsh contingency, an unnamed visitor violently disrupts a quiet domestic scene. The ever-present and uncomfortable realities of envy, lust, and mortality haunt the book from poem to poem.

cover of Azores: Poemsauthor: David Yezzi
ASIN or ISBN-10: 0804011133
binding: Paperback
list price: $12.95 USD
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The Last Glimpse

The Last Glimpse

                                    RW 1967-2009


Rachel Hadas

Rachel Hadas is Board of Governors Professor of English at the Newark campus of Rutgers University. She is the author of numerous books of poetry, essays, and translations. Most recently, she co-edited the anthology The Greek Poets: Homer to the Present (Norton, 2009).



Crash, Trance, Winter

Crash, Trance, Winter

The Rorschach snow is muddy
and fuzzily replete
with footprints void of gender.
The crazy-angled sleet
repudiates geometry
and dissipates the heat
that car and car engender
when violently they meet.

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