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Ms. Brown

Ms. Brown

Ms. Brown was a sunlight girl.
She traced my heel in a whirl.
She boxed my onions, shattered my keel,
Made me feel what I couldn’t feel.

Mercury-head dimes, her bright symmetry
Speckled my trout into live alchemy—
Feathered my bird and honeyed my bear
Castled my rook from here to there.

So the show would go on through weddings,
Forebodings, bleedings, and beheadings,
She worked her weeding as the catacomb dust
Sifted down over the garden of lust.



You focus your eyes upon the beams,
Mark with Cancer’s crab the horse,
Mend your ripped coat—at the seams—
Elijha took by force.

Your heart is the falcon’s heart
As you circle and circle round again.
A bird of prey must play its part
Dropping down through the wind.

Your grace is wedding death to charm.
On the thick glove, you balance
Feathers ruffling the back of the arm
On the razor points of your talons.

North 19

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Who Killed Wilhelm Reich?

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Mebane Robertson

Mebane Robertson’s poems have appeared in The Beloit Poetry Journal, The Journal, Blue Unicorn, The Lyric, and others.  Black Widow Press published his book Signal From Draco: New and Selected Poems in December of 2007.  He is also a rock and folk musician whose recordings can be heard on iTunes or  He is presently sweating out a Ph.D. in English Lit. at Fordham University and lives in Brooklyn with his wife and infant son.


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Signal from Draco: New and Selected Poems

This title surveys both recent writings and poems written over the last twenty years. After a couple of chapbook publications, and wide publication of his poems in both written literary journals and online publications, "Signal from Draco" is Mebane Roberston's first book publication of his poems. The first title in the Black Widow Press "New Poets Series." Introduction by Gale Swiontkowski.

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