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Villanelle of His Poem’s Penury

Villanelle of His Poem’s Penury

                                 after Ernest Dowson

The Tangled Braid: Ninety-Nine Poems by Hafiz of Shiraz

A unique collaboration between a Cistercian monk and a scholar of Islamic translation, this volume offers fresh and distinctive interpretations of works by the spiritual Sufi poet, Hafiz of Shiraz. Combining scholarly precision with keen sensitivity to the mystic contours of the Persian originals, these esoteric verses are rendered into English without forfeiting the artistry or accuracy of the original intent. Knitting together aesthetics and erudition, each poem seeks to be intellectually stimulating and spiritually invigorating.

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John Slater

John Slater is a Cistercian monk in upstate New York where he cares for the sick and tends a quasi-Japanese garden. His poems and translations have appeared in various journals including PN Review, Canadian Literature and Crab Orchard Review. The Tangled Braid: Ninety-Nine Poems by Hafiz of Shiraz, which he co-translated with Jeffrey Einboden, was recently published by Fons Vitae.

The Sultan’s Crown

english translation

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audio of The Sultan’s Crown
Jeffrey Einboden, John Slater reads the poem in translation, The Sultan’s Crown by Hafiz (translated from the Persian.)

The Sultan’s Crown

original Persian poem

The Sultan's Crown - Persian Original

دمی با غم بسر بردن جهان یکسر نمی‌ارزد
به می بفروش دلق ما کزین بهتر نمی‌ارزد

به کوی می فروشانش به جامی بر نمی‌گیرند
زهی سجادﮤ تقوﻯ که یک ساغر نمی‌ارزد

رقیبم سرزﻧﺸﻬا کرد کزاین باب رخ برتاب
چه افتاد این سر ما را که خاک در نمی‌ارزد

شکوه تاج سلطانی که بیم جان دران درج است
کلاهی دلکش است اما به ترک سر نمی‌ارزد

ﺒﺲ آسان می‌نمود اول غم دریا ببوی سود
غلط ﮔﻓﺘم که این طوفان بصد گوهر نمی‌ارزد

ترا آن به که روی خود ز مشتاقان بپوشانی
که شادی جهانگیری غم لشکر نمی‌ارزد

چو حافظ در قناعت کوش و از دﻧﻴﺎی دون بگذر
که یک جو منت دونان ﺒصد من زر نمی‌ارزد

Jeffrey Einboden, John Slater

Jeffrey Einboden is a graduate of Magdalene College, Cambridge where he completed a doctorate concerning English translations of Islamic poetry.  Currently an Assistant Professor at Northern Illinois University, Einboden's recent publications include "A Qur'ānic Milton: From Paradise to al-Firdaws" (Milton Quarterly 43:3) and "Washington Irving in Muslim Translation: Revising the American Mahomet" (Translation & Literature 18:1).  His "The Genesis of Weltliteratur: Goethe's West-&o

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