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Unread 01-15-2022, 04:21 PM
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Dear Nemo, Thank you so much for looking at the cost. Eek! I really would like to buy this book but waiting for Amazon looks like a far more budget-friendly option (I have a limited amount of disposable income) despite the fact that it's Amazon.

I'll get one once up on Amazon regardless, but, and I know this might be a long shot but is there any way you'd ever sell a 'print at home' .pdf version (not an e-book, just an accessible download) that overseas buyers could purchase for the same price as US buyers, but print out at home? Or an audiobook to download? Or another permutation that uses the affordances of digital whilst knowing that there's something special about a print book?

(I am not trying to be awkward, promise, and I suspect that there are loads of legal reasons why publishers can't do this)
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