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Per our tradition, it's now time to declassify our Top-Secret Sonnet Bake-off and unveil the Who's Whos. But first, a big thank you to our Top Secret DG, for a most successful event, with a strong list of finalists. And thank you to all who submitted, and all the participants of the event. Congratulations to the winners as now revealed by our TSDG--

TOP THREE WINNERS of the 2016 Sonnet Bake-off are:

1. "X" by Julie Steiner
2. "Saturday Night in Kirriemuir" by Susan McLean
3. "The Jitterbug" by Elise Hempel

Congratulations to our WINNER Julie Steiner!

Coincidentally--since as the anonmyzer, I already knew the identities of all the finalists--without waiting for the voting process to even commence, I'd already asked our top-three sonneteers for their sonnets for Able Muse, print edition, given that they were the ones that had also appealed the most to me. (Still, if a different sonnet outside the above top-three had won, then as I'd promised in my follow-up contest's bonus announcement, I'd have also added it in the publication mix.). With that, my double congratulations for also achieving publication to Julie, Susan, and Elise!

Next, here are the remaining finalists in alphabetic order (and the TSDG may want to edit the result post to list all the ten finalists with the point tally for each given that it's my experience that most members, especially the finalists, want to know where they placed in the top ten):

4. "Desilu" by Simon Hunt
5. "Fourth Dimension" by Tim Murphy
6. "Garden Sonnet" by Mark Mcdonnell
7. "Hundreds of Corks" by Claudia Gary
8. "Process of Elimination" by Joshua Coben
9. "Shall I Compare Thee to a Winter’s Day" by Wesli Court (a pseudonym for Lewis Turco)
10. "Thirteen" by David Danoff

Congratulations and thank you to all!

Finally, who is our expert sonneteer aka Top Secret DG? Check the TSDG's posts, where the username should be, by now, decoded and declassified!

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