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Hello Conny,
L3 impiied "we" is I and many others, who, except for the occasional trochee
anapest or dactyl, which the pace or sense really called for themselves,
wrote iambs merrily on for pages and pages. I've sometimes heard it said iambic is the natural rhythm of English speech. But in 65 post-college years I've also heard it called sing-song and worse, and other rhythms favored. Its over-use is even given as a reason for decline in metric verse in favor of free or other types of what is called poetry. I don't agree with that. This piece I mean as satire. I'm sorry if it didn't seem that way to you. The last line just attempts to show the double sense of the one-syllable foot. It's short in size, but may be long in meaning .

My thanks to you for bringing up these points. A piece like this is not, of course, for publication anywhere, but only for discussion of an aspect of our craft.

Wiley (Golias)

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