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Originally Posted by Sarah-Jane Crowson View Post
Hi Ramya,

What I think works well here is the composition - I like the way that the pale geometric shape - a window? - to the top left brings a sense of perspective to the picture. I like the way the shadows are drawn, too. I think itís interesting that the artist hasnít begun their image yet, too. That hints at an interesting storytelling as it looks as if they are about to paint the person viewing them (which is, of course, the audience).

What I think work less well is, again, the technique - and more specifically, the way you are not capturing different textures. Your objects here have a fairly uniform texture to them regardless of what object is being painted - and this means that they look uniform (a good example of this is the green object that the palette is resting on which reads as a 2D object to me).

I look forward to reading more of your responses to at least one other discussion on the board if you intend to post another image next week. Although it is great that you have started to participate in discussion, for these next posts think about how you might expand a little rather than simply saying that something is working for you, or is interesting to you.

If you like an image, explain why you liked it - what works for you. That is the first step. Unpick aspects of the image and tell the author/artist why you like them. Following that at some point you will need to start to push yourself towards being constructively critical, too - think about what works least for you in the image and say what that is. This type of critique will help you identify areas in your own work you would like to develop and improve, too, as it is often easier to critique other peopleís work than it is your own, to start with.

Thank you for the detailed criticism. I will try to perform better in your forum.
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