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Really? Let's try this.

So I click 'user CP'

Yeah, that worked. Then I look to the left, and find "Pictures and albums?"

Dang, it wants me to make a new album first. Let's call it Test, because: why not?

Now it wants comments. "Test" again.

Now it wants me to go looking for an image on my computer. Fine. What should I upload? hey, there's a pic of the ceiling of the Albi cathedral. Cool. So I click it, and click ok?

Looks good. I'll just ignore the size requirements and stuff. Click ok again? Yes.

Now if I click on it a couple times, the actual address appears in my browser bar. Click it once until it turns blue? Yep. Copy it.

Look for the picture link in the editor box. There it is. Click it. Paste the address in:

And hey, Bob's your uncle...
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