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Hi Matt - It’s very interesting, reading what amounts to your 2 crits – the comparisons. Yes, the now-mouthful fallow line is a mouthful for me too. And your input on the new final line is helpful, as is your input on the changes. I'll be taking it all into account when I get to finalizing this one.

Martin – Just a quick response about the element of time: from the way I hear others describe loss of a close one, it seems that the same aspect can become a lost memory for one person faster than for another. I've been told that a person’s voice is one of the hardest things to hold on to because the remaining person usually can't produce the identical sound. So whereas tangible aspects – especially visual items – will ‘hang around’ a lot longer, the intangible – voice, touch – seem to get lost very fast. I was hoping to capture something of that.

Cameron – Sarah-Jane - tnx so much for the detailed inputs. So, as you see from the previous response, yup, I'll be cutting “Album” as a title, and tnx for pushing on that last line. I'm still not happy with it but knowing what isn’t working for most is also good. Really appreciate the feedback – tnx so much.
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