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Quincy Lehr 03-10-2021 09:03 AM

Society of Classical Poets outdoes itself... with nuked-brain racism
HAHAHAHAHA!!! What the actual fuck? The Society of Classical Poets is a go-to for hate-reading, but this takes it to a whole other level of knuckle-dragging fuckbaggery.

“The British Empire is generally recognized as having been a force for good in India through the 19th century and arguably beyond.” This owns. Maybe it’s “generally acknowledged” among the Epoch Times B-List running the show at SCP, but for the rest of us... not so much.

Get a load of this: “‘The White Man’s Burden’ was written in 1899, at a time when imperialism was still a perfectly normal and healthy way of ensuring the survival and prosperity of one’s nation or empire. Particularly, this was before World War II and the Holocaust, which was enabled by the rise of Nazi German imperialism. (It is important to note here that Nazi German imperialism was ideologically driven by social Darwinism, part of the underpinnings of communism.)”—Imperialism was fantastic until the Nazis came along and did Communism with Social Darwinism. Every element of this is wrong.

And it goes on. These people aren’t Bozos. They’re what Bozos become if you hit them on the head with a shovel every day and then induct them into a malign right-wing religious cult.

W T Clark 03-10-2021 11:27 AM

Neither their name nor the list in which they ranked a work by Longfellow (ha ha!) as one of the greatest poems in the world (ha ha!) lead me into strongly believing in their strength of judgement, but that was aesthetic.
This isn't a tenable political commentary, it's an embarrassment. The only truly accurate response is to laugh.

Sarah-Jane Crowson 03-11-2021 08:19 AM

I genuinely thought this was a mirage, or bad dream when I followed the link. It also sparked a hailstorm (no kidding) amid a feeling of violent fatigue.

What to do? Shout, swear, cry. Go to bed with a cup of hot chocolate and hide. I am not sure that obsessively making small imaginary creatures from paper is helpful, though that's my default.


Julie Steiner 03-11-2021 09:04 AM

After reading this lesson plan, I eagerly await a hearty defense of the advantages that slavery in the New World brought to the heathen savages of Africa, and an appreciation of all that the altruistic White Man suffered by going to all the trouble to rescue them from such a barbaric continent, and then striving ceaselessly to establish and maintain a harmonious social order in which everyone knew his or her place.

Oh, and please let's hear some more about how prejudicial--dare we say racist?--it is for critics to say categorically that ALL the white colonists and plantation owners were cruel and exploitative. If SOME of them were a bit excessive in their means, surely the glorious mission of bringing superior Western civilization to such benighted people justifies those excesses, on the whole.

And look what a difficult, thankless task the White Man had set for himself! Look at the weighty responsibilities that he was shouldering, day and night, since he had to look after the health and welfare of so many people, and decide what was in the best interests of society as a whole! Under so much stress, surely he can be forgiven if he lost his temper now and then.

Alas, this is the new burden of the White Man: having his past achievements for the betterment of humankind universally maligned and misunderstood, not only by the ungrateful descendants of his beneficiaries, but also by his own unworthy descendants. He's the real victim here.

Roger Slater 03-11-2021 11:04 AM

I had never really looked at that site before but I spent a few minutes there just now and this latest outrage seems like par for the course. Everywhere I look there are articles and comments saying highly offensive and stupid things, almost at a Qanon level of evil idiocy. Why this comment should attract special notice is beyond me. It's all horrible crap.

Julie Steiner 03-11-2021 11:27 AM

It's a mutual admiration society. A haven for the sort people who applaud each others' complaints about "cancel culture" while simultaneously censoring any sort of criticism of their own views.

Last year I left a comment politely mentioning some glaring factual inaccuracies in a poem. Unsurprisingly, my comment stayed up for about ten minutes before it was deleted, thanks to this policy:


NOTE: The Society considers this page, where your poetry resides, to be your residence as well, where you may invite family, friends, and others to visit. Feel free to treat this page as your home and remove anyone here who disrespects you. Simply send an email to [address]. Put “Remove Comment” in the subject line and list which comments you would like removed. The Society does not endorse any views expressed in individual poems or comments and reserves the right to remove any comments to maintain the decorum of this website and the integrity of the Society. Please see our Comments Policy here.

conny 03-11-2021 01:31 PM

I came across the metrical tribute to Rush Limbaugh. lol. It’s a kinda
weird sub-genre, of right wing masonic/golf club poetry that we also
have in the UK. These guys write poems for family weddings and golf
club dinners.

Old white dudes who basically think that really bad, metrical,beat-heavy,
cliche-laden bollocks about golf is totally hilarious. I never knew until
now that they had their own site...

conny 03-11-2021 01:42 PM

...and blimey. they have a metrical tribute to Tommy Robinson. feck.
He’s a kinda modern English blackshirt, if anyone knows what that is.
Not good.

It’s a full on fascist poem...

Kevin Rainbow 03-11-2021 02:30 PM

[please delete]


Kevin Rainbow 03-11-2021 02:37 PM

Oh my god, a different worldview than the allperfect, allholy one that I confirm to! I can't believe they are still allowing such crimes against humanity to exist. All I can do is keep myself civilized by being full of myself, spitting, vomiting and raging against nonconformity.


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