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Allen Tice 04-10-2021 01:23 PM

Titles to get readers' attention
Some imaginary poem titles have occurred to me that might spark interest in an audience, especially if they were improved or modified. My object is to offer these and hope there might be more offered from other members. Necessarily, these are odd sounding or mostly feeble attempts at more or less clean humor meant as morsels to attract the audience. I won't try to police further offerings, though I might visibly grunt or cheer.

Look Out, A Room with a View -- Splat! Yuck, Aargh, Sorry!

Hayride's Stack Overflow. So Sad

A Parsley to Indiana Jones

Sorry, Wrong Dodo!

Who's a Pineapple Sandwich, Anyway?

Here's one that's not funny at all, just one I want to use somewhere.

Eupalinus, my BFF

If you don't like these, I have others. Wottheheck.

Off you go, if you like. . .

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