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Ramya Sadasivam 05-11-2022 08:37 AM

My realistic oil painting - how is it ?
It took me about 1 month, 7 sittings to finish this oil painting. How is it ?

Sarah-Jane Crowson 05-11-2022 10:48 AM

Hi Ramya,

A slightly belated welcome to the 'Sphere. Eratsophere is a lively discussion board whose main focus is poetry, and which is lucky enough to have a space for arts discussion too.

In terms of your painting, the main feedback I'd have is that I like the colours and subject very much, but perhaps areas to work on would be texture and depth. I'm not sure that the heavy frame helps, as this cuts out some of the background, which in your earlier sketches positioned the sitter more clearly.

However, I'm not an oil painter, so it might be worthwhile seeking out more specific advice elsewhere.

I've noticed that you've posted examples of your work a few times, but you haven't yet contributed to any discussions. It is good practice here at the 'Sphere to participate in discussions of other work rather than just sharing your own work. Perhaps you might consider joining in with a discussion of work on the Art Museum forum. There's a lovely link to an article on Titian if you are interested. Or some photographs here.

Obviously you don't have to join in with discussions that don't interest you, but from my perspective it is this kind of peer exchange that can really benefit ones work. Eratosphere is not like YouTube or Facebook - which are often used for marketing or 'sharing' - it's a site dedicated to mutual peer review.

Back to your work - I'm interested in why the time-scales of your work are something you frequently mention in your posts. Is this something that has particular significance to your work? Do you feel that the process of painting is as important as the final product?


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