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Sarah-Jane Crowson 05-04-2022 03:35 PM

Poem/Image/Poem game
In the 'challenge' thread here, Jason posted this poem which has some interesting surreal images that play with the words stove/stone. We discussed visual responses, and so, with Jason's permission, I have started this new thread with a different game.

Here, the game is to make a response to the poem or image that precedes it. So, my image is a response to Jason's poem. If anyone else wants to play then their challenge is to make a response to my image. And then someone else can make an image (or find an image) in response to that poem...etc.

Sarah-Jane Crowson 05-04-2022 03:37 PM

Link to Poem

Encourage Home Industry

Image (this isn't an illustration of the poem, more a playful response. It uses found out of copyright ephemera from the British Library)

Jason Ringler 05-31-2022 07:17 PM

Here's my response for Encourage Home Industry.


Angelical, swore he
said her name was
Mary or Dorothy.

In the photo before she
became so famous,
pink and pearly.

Lost its way here
poorly met,
a diamond in the mist.

Hopeless grey where
reaches yet,
the earth in trembling fist.

Emma picked clean
the crag this time,
half-machine that grew

up without a gleam.
Far richer than green slime:
bubbles in the black brew.

After everything had set,
as if the soap was offering,
we found the holy thing.

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