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Alex Pepple 09-01-2009 07:47 PM

Turner Cassity Tribute: Call for Submissions
Check the details here . And keep on sending the submission for the tribute. You still have another month and half to go before the deadline, October 15, 2009!

Furthermore, those sending in submission may need to know the following from Suzanne:

Dear Friends of Turner,

Bob Barth has been named as Turner's Literary Executor. In the most recently dated copy of Turner's will (1987), he expressly forbids the publication of his letters. Bob is extending this prohibition to quotations from the letters. So, sadly, in my opinion, much of Turner's best work will go unpublished. I am sending this message along in case you were planning on quoting from his letters, as I was, in your tribute to him for Able Muse.

All the best, as always,

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