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  I hesitate to post, because I've been absent from this forum for several years, but I wanted to acknowledge the influence that Eratosphere has had on me. I joined in '99, and had the benefit of much help and wisdom from poets I consider to be masters of the craft, including John Beaton, Janice Soderling, Allan Sullivan, Alicia Stallings and Tim Murphy. There were many others too, but the memory fails as the hair greys.
After about 12 years, I found that the critiques I was receiving began to shift from mostly helpful to mostly unhelpful. I never figured out if that was because, having found my voice, I was ready to take off the training wheels? Or was it something less flattering: having run into a brick wall, all comments urging me to flap my wings and soar above the hurdle could only frustrate someone so pedestrian? 
Either way, I still carry the voices of my favorite critters around in my head. After we've gone over a poem a dozen times, it generally get published, so all in all I'd say the Eratosphere experience has been amazingly enriching.