2019 Able Muse Book Award & Write Prize: Submissions Now Open + Latest Books

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Announcing the 2019
Able Muse
poetry/fiction/book contests:

Submissions now open for
for the Able Muse Write Prize & the Able Muse Book Award

2019 Contest now open for submissions:

ABLE MUSE WRITE PRIZE (for poetry & fiction)
Able Muse Write Prize (for poetry & flash fiction)Erica Dawson - poetry judge; Jacob M. Appel - fiction judge$500 for the winning poem (all styles welcome)
$500 for the winning story
publication in Able Muse (print edition)
• anonymous judging by the final judges: 
 Erica Dawson (poetry),  Jacob M. Appel (fiction)

Entry deadline: March 15, 2019

• Details at: https://www.ablemusepress.com/

2018 Winners:
Lynn Marie Houston - Poetry (judged by J. Allyn Rosser),
Anthony J. Otten - Fiction (judged by Bret Lott)
. . . $500 to each winner. Complete results here.

ABLE MUSE BOOK AWARD (for poetry manuscript)
Able Muse Write Prize (for poetry & flash fiction)David Mason - final judge for the Book Award$1000 prize
publication of winning book manuscript by Able Muse Press
• all poetry styles welcome
Entry deadline: March 31, 2019
• anonymous judging by final judge: David Mason 

• Details at:  https://www.ablemusepress.com/

2018 Winners: Deirdre O'Connor for her manuscript, The Cupped Field - (judged by Marilyn Taylor)
. . . $1000 to the winner & publication by Able Muse Press. Complete results here.


SB Able Muse Press  announces
the pre-release of


Poems by Jennifer Reeser

ISBN 978-1-77349-023-6 • May 3, 2019 release • 148 pp.


“These poems go behind the familiar: Wounded Knee, the Trail of Tears, figures such as Sequoyah and Chief Joseph; past the artifacts, legends, and folkways encountered through reading and travels across America, to the intimate details of a specific family and their lives and world seen from the inside.
    In all, Indigenous is more than simply a good read, or a compelling account of events we need to know better: it’s an addition to our national literature by Jennifer Reeser.”
Rhina P. Espaillat,
author of And After All

“Already a master of poetic forms, Reeser has reapplied her talent in what amounts to a major development in her repertoire, bringing the reader to that Native American borderland of the heart that has apparently been a major part of her life, but a part we’ve only seen in glimpses up to now.”
Joseph O'Brien,
editor of the San Diego Reader

*NEW* Now available for Pre-Order:
Indigenous- Poems by Jennifer Reeser
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SB Able Muse Press  announces
the pre-release of

And After All

Poems by Rhina P. Espaillat

ISBN 978-1-77349-022-9 • April 26, 2019 release • 130 pp.


“[H]er poems speak in a voice that is distinctively her own. They address the loss of loved ones and loved things of the world, but their extraordinary empathy and gentle wit keep them from becoming depressing or sentimental. Savor this book and share it with people you love.”
A.M. Juster, author of Sleaze & Slander

“Rhina P. Espaillat, more than any living poet in English, gives ordinary language the glow of the sacred.”
A.E. Stallings, author of Olives

“There are many poignant evocations of the past in the book, rich with quotidian surface detail but always suffused with undemonstrative but palpably real emotion. . . . A very eloquent collection of beautifully crafted poems, and one that it is hard to read dry-eyed.”
Dick Davis,
author of Love in Another Language

*NEW* Now available for Pre-Order:
And After All- Poems by Rhina P. Espaillat
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Able Muse Press Able Muse Press  announces the release of
Green Hill - Poems
by Lorna Knowles Blake 
WINNER, 2017 Able Muse Book Award
(as selected by Charles Martin)

ISBN 978-1-77349-010-6 • July 30, 2018 release • 80 pp.
*NEW* Now available for Order:


Green Hill - Poems by Lorna Knowles Blake 
In the poems in Green Hill, Lorna Knowles Blake takes the intimacies of human life and the riots of nature and transmutes them into forms that both discipline and liberate their beauty.
   — Vijay Seshadri, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, author of 3 Sections

Whatever subject Lorna Knowles Blake turns her hand to, she displays a prosodic surefootedness and a continual freshness of perception.
   — Charles Martin, 2017 Able Muse Book Award judge, author of Future Perfect

Lorna Knowles Blake gives us Green Hill, poems both dark and lightheartedly inventive, the craft casual, poised—and audacious.
   — Molly Peacock, author of The Analyst

In poems about artwork and landscape, myth and love, Blake considers the ways we give shape and meaning to our lives. And her poems are themselves vital enactments of that same urge. American poetry is richer for this superb collection.
   — Peter Campion, author of El Dorado


Able Muse Press Able Muse Press  announces the release of
Naked for Tea - Poems
by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

FINALIST, 2017 Able Muse Book Award

ISBN 978-1-77349-016-8 • July 9, 2018 release • 136 pp.
*NEW* Now available for order:


Naked for Tea - Poems by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer 
"Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer’s welcoming voice, receptive heart, artistic mastery, and empathic vision become an alchemy of being." —Jack Ridl, author of Practicing to Walk Like a Heron and Saint Peter and the Goldfinch

"Heart-thawingly honest, deliriously sexy, and compassionate down to the fingertips. A book of kindness and bewilderment and delight from one of our best poets." —Teddy Macker, author of This World

"It is a delight to find a poet who can tell a crackling story laced with gorgeous imagery and euphony that will appeal to the ancient seats of learning: the heart, belly, and brain." —David Lee, Utah State Poet Laureate emeritus, author of Last Call and A Legacy of Shadows

"The elegance of her simplicity will blind you to her mastery. Then, she will let you fall, head over heels, in Love. With everything." —Wayne Muller (from the foreword), author of Sabbath and Legacy of the Heart


Able Muse Press Able Muse Press  announces the release of
Under Dark Waters: Surviving the Titanic - Poems
by Anna M. Evans

Runner-Up, 2017 Able Muse Book Award

ISBN 978-1-77349-012-0 • May 28, 2018 release • 82 pp.
*NEW* Now available for order:


Under Dark Waters: Surviving the Titanic - Poems by Anna M. Evans 
[Anna M. Evans] series on the Titanic is one of the most memorable I have ever read. The technical difficulty of the poem is noteworthy, but it is the construction of the book, based on that poem as a centerpiece, that is genius.
—Kim Bridgford, author of Undone

Anna M. Evans, [dives] into the wreck of the Titanic to illuminate both personal experience and the politics of social class ... The result is one of the best, most unforgettable books I have read in years. Julie Kane, author of Paper Bullets

Despite the great accomplishment of [Evans’s] technical tours de force, it is not admiration for technique that is the main feeling that stays with a reader once the book is finished, rather it is the undeniably powerful emotional force of what is being said. Dick Davis (from the foreword), author of  Love in Another Language

Able Muse Press Able Muse Press  announces the release of
The Cynic in Extremis - Poems
by Jacob M. Appel

FINALIST, 2017 Able Muse Book Award

ISBN 978-1-77349-014-4 • June 4, 2018 release • 78 pp.
*NEW* Now available for order:


The Cynic in Extremis - Poems by Jacob M. Appel 
[L]ike the cynics in their classical conception, the poet’s subtext here is hope, at least love, and living without illusion in the extremis of the quotidian.
—Dan O’Brien, author of War Reporter

Like his stories—approachable, insightful, and touched with a tinge of sadness for what was and, indeed, is—Appel’s poems speak in straightforward, plain language to raise the curtain on the intimacies of his world. —Alice Friman, author of The View from Saturn

Quirky characters, often full of longing and regret, pepper Appel’s work ... These characters seem to fail to leave a mark on the world, beyond the poet’s eye.
Brigit Young (from the foreword), author of Worth a Thousand Words

Both beautifully written and lively, the poems in The Cynic in Extremis embrace the world with warmth and wit. John Skoyles, author of Suddenly It’s Evening and poetry editor at Ploughshares

Able Muse Review - Print Edition (Number 25): Summer 2018

I'm pleased to announce that the new Able Muse, Summer 2018 (Print Edition, Number 25), has just been released, with order/subscription information (for print & Kindle, NOOK, Kobo & iBooks editions), with online excerpts and the subscribers' online edition at: www.AbleMuse.com

Able Muse Review - Print Edition (Number 25): Summer 2018
Featured Poet: Aaron Poochigian
Featured Art: An "Flight" Theme

Able Muse, Number 25 - Summer 2018
editorial:Alexander Pepple
featured art: An "Flight" Theme featured poet: Aaron Poochigian (interviewed by Christopher Childers) • fiction: Michael Woodson, Vincent Yu essays: Charles Martin, Barbara Haas book reviews: Brooke Clark poetry:Timothy Murphy, Dan Campion, Charles Baudelaire, Arthur Rimbaud, Catullus, George David Clark, Katy Rawdon, M. Ann Hull, Mark Blaeuer, Ranjani Neriya, Roy Bentley, Susan de Sola, Susan McLean, Ryan Wilson.
With special thanks for an outstanding new issue to --Nicole Caruso Garcia, Susan de Sola, Scott M. Miller (Assistant Poetry Editors); N.S. Thompson (Nonfiction Editors);  Karen Kevorkian (Fiction Editor); Cheryl Diane Kidder, Rob Wright (Assistant Fiction Editors).

Alex Pepple, Editor


For more information or for review copies, contact Able Muse Press here. 

Able Muse Press

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