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words to say by David Gwilym AnthonyThe Able Muse Author Series begins
with David G. Anthony wonderful debut:

Words To Say by David G. Anthony
Words to Say
- Published by Pen Press Publishers Ltd.

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Navigating the Distance: Poems New and Selected






Reviewed in
this issue by 
Beth Houston





A Formal  
Feeling Comes

A Formal Feeling Comes
An anthology of
new formalism 
poetry by women poets.



A fine letter press edition,
from Aralia Press




All the Fun's in How You Say a Thing: An Explanation of Meter and Versification
...An Explanation of Meter and Versification ...

  Missing Measures: Modern Poetry and the Revolt Against Meter

    Sapphics and Uncertainties: Poems 1970-1986

"...It has given me more pleasure than any other first book I have read this year." J. D. McClatchy
  The Color Wheel

"... this new book is a marvel, reminding us of how involving of thought and feeling poetry at its best can be."
Robert Shaw, Poetry




Commandments at Eleven







Fiddle Lane 

65 poems, all written in traditional formsmost of them sonnetstreat subjects ranging from the creation of the world to the pleasures and trials of growing up.



From  Nature          
This collection start at the beginningchildhoodand moves from the concrete to the more abstract problem of presenting reality through artistic expression




Robert Murray  



Mischief in the Sun: The Making and Unmaking of "The Loved One"








Drive, They Said: 
Poems about Americans 
and Their Cars
An anthology edited
by Kurt Brown.
"Fascinating ...The results sweep past your open window at 70 mph ..." 



Ars Poetica
    Ars Poetica - an electronic book of poetry Beth Houston
An Electronic Book of Poetry by Beth Houston.


Jerry H.  


The Weird Sonneteers

Keith Allen Daniels,
Jerry H. Jenkins,
Ann K. Schwader.

    A collection of 120 sonnets on science-fiction, fantasy and horror themes each poet contributing 40 sonnets!



Quiet Money

"McDowell's poems are arresting, humorous, and strangely surrealistic."
The Library Journal


Poetry After Modernism

Story Line's most successful anthology of criticism, was recognized and widely praised for raising the level of discourse on poetry.


Sound and Form 
in Modern Poetry

Unravels the mystery of prosody for readers of modern poetry in clear, accessible language.

  The Diviners

An ambitious narrative poem, with an introduction by Dana Gioia

The Reaper Essays



Cowboy Poetry Matters: From Abilene to the Mainsream : Contemporary Cowboy Writing


Charles S.  

 Ramsburg, Jr.

Songs of Myself:
Episodes from the
Edge of Adulthood




Edited by Diane Scharper collects the best memoirs by her students, and reveals a world where young people face, often for the first time, life's vital issues and big questions.



Sleeper, You Wake : Poems (Mellen Poetry Series, Vol 17)


  Out of the Catskills and Just Beyond : Literary and Visual Works by Catskill Writers and Artists (Catskills Arts Series)

Edited by Bertha Rogers

A. E.  


Archaic Smile

"...Raves are in order:  This brilliant debut immediately puts Stallings very much in the front rank of young American poets."
Dick Allen


Selected by Dana Gioia for the Richard Wilbur Award.




The Light Possessed

"Cheuse has captured in language a sense of the world that is normally expressed only in pigment on canvas."
Digby Diehl, Playboy.

The Grandmothers' Club

"a remarkably rich and resonant novel."
The Independent Publisher.


Lost and Old Rivers

"A collection of 10 short narratives and one semi-autobiographical....The evocative, elegiac prose is seductive, revealing Cheuse's own character."
Publishers Weekly.


The Tennessee Waltz 
and Other Stories

"Scarred souls move across the landscape of the American Westand South, occasionally venturing into Latin America and sometimes toward a new love."
Susan Lowell, The New York Times Book Review  




Sleeping in Velvet

"... occupies the shadowy land between poetry and proseat times strong in narrative, more often fantastic."
William Ferguson, The New York Times Book Review.


Finding Your Writer's Voice : A Guide to Creative Fiction

"Provides an excellent key to developing a writer's perspective."
The Midwest Book Review.


A Brief History of Camouflage

Short Stories about lives
that brush up against one
another, but cannot fuse.




Eternal Prairie : 
Exploring Rural 
Cemeteries of the West




Gardner's Art Through the Ages 

"The most successful art history book every written."

    The Oxford Book of Short Poems

The Caedmon Treasury of Modern Poets Reading Their Own Poetry/Cpn 2006 (2 Cassettes)

The Caedmon Treasury
of Modern Poets Reading Their Own Poetry/Cpn 2006
(2 Cassettes)


Robert Frost readsRobert Frost Reads : 
The Road Not Taken, 
the Pasture, Birches, 
Death of a Hired Man, 
Mending Wall and Other 
of His Poems/ Audio Cassettes
by Robert Frost


81 Famous Poems: An Audio Companion to The Norton Anthology of  Poetry, Third Edition Derek
Walcott Reads/
Audio Cassette
by Derek Walcott

  The Nobel Prize-winning poet,
  playwright, and essayist reads
  excerpts from his own works, 
  including selections from Omeros,
and Collected Poems,

    The Best American Poetry 1999   

The Best American Poetry 1999 by Robert Bly (Editor),
David Lehman (Editor)


Voice of the Poet: Merrill
Voice of the Poet: Merrill
by James Merrill (Reader), J. D. McClatchy (Editor)


Best Words, Best Order
Best Words, Best Order : Essays on Poetry
by Stephen Dobyns


 Derek Walcott Reads 81 Famous Poems: An Audio Companion to 
The Norton Anthology of  Poetry, Third Edition


2000 Poet's Market : 1,800 Places to Publish Your Poetry


Writer's Market 1999 (Book & CD)
8000 Editors!
"Does everything but stamp your self-addressed envelopes"
St. Paul PioneerPress



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